"The first few days and weeks of a cancer diagnosis are scary and overwhelming. I am so grateful for Amy's guidance during those first terrifying days of my dad's diagnosis. From helping us prepare for the initial oncologist's meeting to providing research on the diagnosis and even researching our doctor, Amy's help was so comforting. We didn't feel like our time with the oncologist was wasted as we came in with an informed list of questions and a basic understanding of his condition, which made the doctor's answers easier to understand for a family without a medical background. Having someone who's been through this personally, who also has the knowledge and organizational skills to help you navigate these appointments and information is a must. At each twist and turn she's been there to talk through changes in his care so we can better understand what is normal... which is all you want in a battle with cancer: normal.  I'm so grateful for her assistance and know that we have a friend in this fight with us."

-TP, San Francisco, CA

“When I was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma on March 11, 2016, our world was turned upside down.  Everything changed... fear set in.  Plans were canceled.  Life turned brutal.  Why me/us? I turned to family and friends for support and got it!  Along with my husband, our daughter Amy showed me tremendous compassion, empathy, and love, not only as my daughter, of course, but as a wonderful conduit/intermediary and friend to the “journey" we embarked upon.  She attended our medical evaluations in Stockton and at Stanford.  She helped us understand the highly technical and brutal process I was to endure in an altogether different light... one of extreme personal and professional caring and compassion.  She brought me much comfort over the last 9 months, kept our thinking positive, allowed me a 'rock' to lean on and talk to and was so highly supportive and understanding.  She brought us a lot of clarity and explanations to our treatment regime.  I am elated she is offering her assistance to others in their time of confusion, fear, and medical need.  She will be a tremendous professional resource to you in your medical treatment process and, of course, a dear and caring friend to you in your time of need." 

-LI, Stockton, CA

"Amy is a natural advocate. She's smart, insightful, and energetic; so she gets results. And it's a pleasure to work with her! Her vision, clear organization and follow-through make collaboration a breeze. I'd recommend her wholeheartedly."

-LA, Palo Alto, CA

"Amy, my angel out of The Great State of California. I truly thought I'd have no luck finding someone to listen to me. Thank you again for your help, time and effort along with your professional knowledge of your job and how to navigate through the system."